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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Will Google's Custom Search Effect Sposnored Campaigns?

Yesterday Google announced yet another tool (it is almost a full time job staying abreast of all of these new tools). With Google Custom Search Engine, a new Google feature that lets you create subsets and tailored views of the whole Google SERP , you can evolve your internal search engine (Google Free) for those that haven't done it yet) to look outside of your domain and give your unique visitors a custom view of Search. In other words, you can become a sort of website Castro, and show your users what you think is an entirely relevant search engine results page.

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When setting the new tool up, you can choose between searching one site or the entire Web - you specify how many (or few) sites get searched. After all, you know you current customer base better than anybody else, especially a mathematical algorythm like Google. (If you don't, you really should.) For example, if your website falls into the B2B marketplace, selling fabrics for uniforms and the like, you can tailor your SERP so that Gap, Levis, and the like don't appear. But you can also make sure that none of your competitors appear in the resulting listings. Why should you current customers know that there is another provider out there?

You can also manipulate the look and feel of the search box, to make it look integrated with the other design elements on your site. If you're not satisfied with the basic offering, Google lets you do quite a bit more customization from the "My search engines" page. This page lists all of the custom search engines you've created with a unique control panel. The control panel offers numerous options for tweaking your search engine. These options are grouped into a menu that includes basics, sites, look and feel, code, collaboration, refinements, make money (integrate with ad sense), advanced (in case you feel like taking it to a code level) and preview.

Google's new service is an outgrowth of the Google Co-Op program started earlier this year - its an interesting tool, but it really doesn't get you any new customers - it may impact bounces to competitors, but I highly doubt that it will cause any major changes in your numbers. After all, how many clients use an internal search bar to look for outside content (all the web box)? However, this little tool will provide you with some key current customer intelligence; namely, what are your clients looking for within your site - maybe outside of your site. But the most important thing you have to do is actually use that information to develop content (you can also use any analytics solution to derive this intelligence from whatever internal search you are using).

Remember though, you can listen to what your customer wants, but if you don't act on it what was the point in ever listening? If anything, this tool allows you to give your customers more of what they are looking for - relevance. Try using the tool to create partnerships with other companies, not competitors, but those that complement your product offerings - and maybe have those companies do the same.

Will this tool effect your sponsored campaign - it should - it should give you necessary information to refine your campaign for the better. It should help you tailor you current content for what customers really want. It should it should be used as a resource for making all things better. Will it be? Well, I suppose, that is up to you.

Other new Google Tools

Adwords has added 2 new report options: The Last Thirty Days (letting you create all reports for the timeline - no different than specifying the dates yourself [only SE fools never consider trends and external impacts on campaign results - an increase is really only an increase if it is above a baseline], but takes the counting your fingers aspect out of the equation) & Graphs (now including graphs for weekly and hourly reports - you don't have to labor in Excel to make them yourself).

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