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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Adwords Customer Service

Ordinarily Google is exceptionally good at supporting Adwords advertisers - other than the mild irritation with their prescribed bulk template and the unique keyword row, I have never had a problem with their service. However, the new quality score and budgeting upgrades are leaving a little to be desired.

First, one client of ours was charged 5 times their daily budget on a Friday and due to the spend, the ads were shut down for the remainder of the weekend. Why? Because technical support doesn't work the weekends.

And again, this Saturday a similar event occurred, this time with a different client. As a result, I had to create temporary campaigns (duplicates) to run this weekend until I can get tech support to reconcile their errors. Perhaps I will get them on the phone before they even read my twenty or so emails - I know that some people there will be inundated because they gave me personal emails for contacting them.

Nobody expects perfection in business - it doesn't happen, no matter how hard we strive, but we do expect support while trying to make it a reality.

Business doesn't sleep on the weekend... influencers take their purchasing decisions home, hiding in their office - playing catch-up from the week that didn't quite go as planned - because in a nutshell, that is business in the modern age.

Google is slowly beginning to lapse into a sheltered gluttony from being on top too long. I know they give us warning of upgrades and being locked out of the interface. I also know that errors arise, and even the mighty Google is not infallible. But the fact of the matter is that we are always trying to connect with our customers, always trying to match intent with content, and this means always being accessible. It also means that no matter how much any one business is spending on Adwords, Google has a duty to ensure that the best service is available at all times.

If my target market is working on a Sunday, then I have to work on a Sunday... and in order to be effective, I need all my resources available on a Sunday too.

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