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In the B2B market, an efficient PPC campaign needs to capture and motivate prospects throughout the decision-making and sales cycles; while always understanding that intent and CTR are not always uniquely matched with either the research or buying phase.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Changes to AdSense Network Coming

Yesterday, the Inside AdWords blog announced that Google will be "improv[ing] the quality of [its] users' experience when they visit an advertiser's landing page" by enforcing the same Quality Score for Adwords into contextually-targeted ads.

Andrew C., product marketing manager for Ads Quality initiatives says, " First, we'll begin incorporating landing page quality into the Quality Score for your contextually-targeted ads, using the same evaluation process as we do for ads showing on and the search network. Advertisers who may be providing a poor experience on their site will notice that their traffic across the content network decreases as a result of this change. Second, we're improving our algorithm for evaluating landing page quality and incorporating landing page content retrieved by the AdWords system."

The goal is to create a stronger user experience, not only with the ads themselves, but once the user clicks through to the website as well, because, obviously, if users have a rewarding experience then they are more likely to click on contextual ads in later instances as well.

However, it is important to acknowledge that "while one's landing page quality is directly correlated with the minimum bid required for one's ads to run, it does not affect your ads position (or 'rank', as it is often referred to) at all. However, since there is no minimum bid requirement for contextually-targeted ads, low quality landing pages will result in the need to bid higher to compete in the auction, which could also impact your position on pages in the network."

In the B2B market, it is now more important than ever to ensure that landing pages our built for the specific needs of your target market, that the content is specific and engaging, and that the conversion path is clearly laid out to create the best user experience. There is no cookie cutter way to create the perfect landing page, not for the search engines or for users; however, if you have to pick one audience to optimize your pages for - I'd go for the user and not the engine.

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