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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Enquiro Eye Tracking White Paper

Enquiro released a new whitepaper today comparing user interactions in MSN, Yahoo! and Google.

Our original study used eye tracking technology to quantify what user interactions with the Google search results page looked like. The results were the "Golden Triangle" image which has been discussed extensively. Of course, because the scope of the original study was restricted to Google, that left one big question: What about the other engines? This new study from Enquiro not only answers that question but attempts to explain some of the differences in search behaviors noticed on Yahoo! and MSN search results pages.

Perhaps the most interesting finding is the effect of percieved relevance on search behavior, particularly in the interaction with sponsored listings. However, the whitepaper also covers:

  • How We Scan a Listing
  • Semantic Mapping
  • Information Scent
  • Thin Slicing
  • Banner Blindness
  • Growth of Navigational Search
  • Impact of Bolded Search Queries and Icons
  • Perceived Relevancy
  • Golden Section Theory
  • Portal Entry Success
  • Interactions with Top Sponsored
  • Interactions with Side Sponsored
  • Interactions with Top Organic
  • Interactions with Bottom Organic
  • Interactions with Vertical Results


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